TOP-EMS Readers Reviews :

I just finished reading your book. It took me all of two days ‘because I had to very reluctantly put it down to go to work. Obviously I read it during every break I had at the Quay side. I tried my best to read it as a lay person (non-paramedic) would have done. But, I cannot become completely disengaged from that which I intrinsically am.
From the paramedical point of view it was phenomenal. I read into quite a few chapters things that have happened to me and it is good to know that other Medic’s also share in the heartache and laughs that I do.

From the layman’s point of view the medical conditions, equipment and systems are very well explained. I am sure that people will understand what you are trying to teach. The good thing is that even if you don’t understand it, it is still a very good read simply because it is real. It is not diluted to be politically correct or sensitive, but at the same time it is not vulgar and gory. It is just real. I think it will open a lot of people’s eyes to what we actually do.
I also hope that every Paramedic reads this, just to know that they are not alone with their “cupboards”
I also hope that every aspiring paramedic will read it to help them prepare for the phenomenal responsibility they will gain with the white badge.

And they will also know that they, in the future, would not have been alone.

As we say, been there, done that, got the badge and the T-shirt. It is someone else’ turn now…………

Congrats on a phenomenal book. And thanks again.

‘The Other Ambulance Driver’ – Rardo

Thanks for re-igniting a passion that was busy dying as I rediscover my purpose in this book
William Hendricks – AEA – ER24

I found this book as the answer to the question – ‘What do we see and what do we do’. The author has introduced readers to a wide variety of scenes that he has actually experienced and what we actually do with in our scope of practice. I found it entertaining, educational, and gripping, to the point that I could not put it down. I felt emotions of humor, anger, shock, and disbelief as I read through the chapters and I think everybody should read this because it is what emergency personnel experience. I think the purpose of the book will serve as an excellent ambassador for all emergency care workers because most people will come into contact with them at some point in their lives.
As I have already mentioned, I found this book very hard to put down and who ever reads it, be prepared for an eye opener.
Mathew Crotz – AEA – ER24

The Other Perspective is both intriguing, amusing, vibrant, entertaining, deliciously disturbing, carefully explained, mesmerizing and spine tingling. I think everybody should read this because it is what emergency personnel experiences in everyday life and what “we” the general public has taken for granted. Since I don’t have a paramedic or medical background I thoroughly enjoyed the short introductions to each short story explaining the different types of situations, medical conditions and equipment used. I personally believe that every adult young or old, male or female and especially any aspiring Paramedic should read this to prepare them for what life is really about.
‘Ronald “Bubba” Townsend – Owner of:  Townsend Sub Sea Technologists Inc. Walk Trail
Spring, Texas

Other Perspective is a raw and gritty account of reality.  The writer displays passion for humanity through tragedy and hardships that we all have a chance of facing if fate points its finger at us.  These accounts describe a career of one man representing many whose primary purpose is to attempt to provide order in a world of chaos.  These individuals are sometimes successful, and sometimes not.  Fate decides if chaos will rule.
This manuscript makes me contemplate how I can live my life to avoid such tragedies.  It also makes me grateful of individuals who wade into situations to attempt to alleviate human suffering to the best of their abilities.

It is my belief this book will provide enlightenment to the masses who have never contemplated what it’s like to be in this man’s position. It will harbor gratefulness for not only this caliber of man doing a near impossible job, but also, simply for the stories being brought to light.  In this book we see what the news media avoids.
I have suggested that the author provide more of a picture of the struggle South Africa has faced from his perspective.  That was what I wanted to read about after I started the book.  I believe that I am and would not be alone in this wish.  We have all read about the great “Struggle”. We need to know about the struggle of those who tried to keep some semblance of civility to their country during those times.
Travis Highfield
American Citizen and new resident to South Africa

‘The timing of this book is perfect …we have had books on virtually every subject pre or post new South Africa and never has the cutting edge story of the emergency services been revealed like this. After I read ‘the other perspective’ I can call myself a person who is a lot more aware of what real life is about’
Terrence Kruger…Artist-adventurer and warrior-poet

What an achievement. This early draft of ‘The other Perspective’ is a gripping read and surely a best seller in the making.