The Other Perspective – Book 1

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The Other Perspective is a no holds barred account of life as an EMS Emergency Care Worker in South Africa in the turbulent 80’s and 90’s.

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The Other Perspective is a no-holds-barred, plain-speaking rendition of life as an emergency worker in South Africa. The experiences recounted in this manuscript are sometimes shocking, sometimes amusing but related with honesty. See how those you never think about experience the world you hope never to be part of.
“I thoroughly enjoyed reading this very interesting and informative book, giving insight into the world of emergency care workers. I gained a new-found appreciation of the world they experience and the diversity of the work they do. Some of the cases are horrific while others are light-hearted and funny. The author has cleverly explained the medical conditions, treatment of patients and procedures in such a way that readers can understand and learn from it.”

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I finally got a moment to myself and read your memoirs as a medic. Superb Philip. A must read for all colleagues and the new generation of EMS/FD personnel.

    Flashbacks of the 80’s and 90’s started filling my head. I recall our first meeting at Sandton Fire Dept where I was the rookie and you were the Firefighter/Medic I was assigned to on my first few days in the Dept on “Sandton 4” the Mitsubishi Ambo. Cleaning the patient cab, stretchers, checking equipment, replacing O2 and the “laughing gas” (NO2), restocking, masks, bandages, Jelco’s, fluids, and all the other hundreds of tools of the trade we carried back then. Attention to detail was paramount and you instilled in me this positive trait; be prepared.

    Whilst all the calls and stories you’ve written about bring back mixed emotions of heartache, frustration and tears of joy and sadness the most nightmarish one is our head-on MVA patient on the R511 and the truck and dual trailer stocked with tonnes of motor parts that crashed through our scene. I’ll never forget looking up and seeing the grille of the truck bearing down on me, you and “D” (who was on Squad 2). I screamed a warning at both of you and started to move out it’s way, albeit in slow motion. I’ll never forget the abject despair at seeing our patient on stretcher disappear as the truck struck the rear of the car and the vacuum it created as it sped past us and then everything became a blur. My life passed before my eyes. In shock I still had to drive the ambulance to the hospital whilst you and the CCMA were working on our patient in the back of the ambo. We were tough as nails but were affected by that call so badly that it was the first time in memory of the SFD that a chaplain was called out the next day to talk to the crews.

    Thank you for bringing back memories of the good, the bad and the ugly and our enduring friendship since ’89.

    Your BAC partner on Medic 4 – “R511” Book 1

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