The Other Perspective – Book 1

Actual emergency services calls in South Africa in the turbulent 80’s and 90’s

The Other Perspective is a no holds barred plain speaking rendition of life as an emergency worker in South Africa. The experiences recounted in this manuscript are sometimes shocking, sometimes amusing but related with honesty.

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See how those you never think about experience the world you hope never to be part of and if you are for whatever reason, think about this book.

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Editors Comment: “I thoroughly enjoyed reading this very interesting and informative book, giving insight into the world of emergency care workers. I gained a newfound appreciation of the world they experience and the diversity of the work they do. Some of the cases are horrific and gory while others are light-hearted and funny. The author has cleverly explained the medical conditions treatment of patients and procedures in such a way that the reader can understand and learn from it.”

39 chapters of hard hitting stories of a real Paramedic / Firefighter’s true life experiences on the road.

ISBN 978-0-620-55937-9

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